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Camp Countdown

For Girls Entering 6th, 7th & 8th Grades

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About Camp Chaya

Camp Chaya is dedicated as a loving tribute to Chaya Spalter A"H, a remarkable girl who was taken from us far too soon. At the camp that carries her name, we try to recapture her beautiful spirit of love and enough joy for everyone she met. Click Here for a message from Chaya's mother.

Camp Chaya is nestled in the Laurel Highlands; the gem of the Pennsylvania countryside. But no need to travel across the country for sunshine and fresh country air. It is the Chassidishe energy that lies at the heart of everything at Chaya.

It's true, we boast 140 acres of playing fields and forestry, a stone's throw from beautiful Lake Yough. Our many on site activities include go carting, rock climbing, driving range, archery, paintball, laser tag, boating and so much more! 

But this is not what sets us apart! The Rebbe's concept of achdus - Chassidim as one family - is something we strive for with all we've got. There is no more prominent factor guiding us at Chaya. Your daughter will feel it.

The Rebbe wants it, expects it, and in a camp of his Talmidos, it is the least we can do.

Here is our formula: a counselor who is highly attuned, a head counselor who is approachable, kind and supportive peers, and a program built around the framework of Yiras Shomayim and Ahavas Hatorah.

Simple, right?

Let the good times begin!!!